Coming Soon….Halle 2015 Collection


YB Green is recycling all over the world. Right now, I am working on incorporating traditional European glass-making and silversmithing techniques into my designs. During my journey, I came across an awesome project led by social entrepreneurs in Halle, Germany. This city is the most blighted city in Germany and while some may see it as an empty city full abandoned buildings from the Cold War, the people of Halle see it as an opportunity to rebuild and redefine living. I am reminded of the 9th Ward’s Global Green and Make it Right projects. Therefore, it is fitting for me to create a special collection using glass from Halle to benefit a specific project where an old slaughterhouse is being recycled into a cooperative housing and working community (Genossenschaft Halle-im-Wandel). You can read more (in German) here and here (English and German).

While I am finishing the collection (see preview above), you can shop the classics that put me on the map. I will always have a special place for New Orleans because in 2009, I created YB Green to raise awareness that the City of New Orleans has not recycled glass since Hurricane Katrina and there is a community need for it. I collect glass bottles from the 9th Ward in New Orleans, and then crush, melt and design different jewelry pieces.

YB Green is available in person at the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck in Remagen Germany, the Katzen Museum Shop at American University in Washington DC, PLUP (Planet Upcycling) in Düsseldorf, Germany.  YB Green is also available on ETSYBig Cartel and DAWANDA.

For special orders, questions or comments email info [at] or  YBGFacebook   instagram   Twitter_bird 

Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to unveil in 2015!

Colorful Cross Necklace

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Matte Glass Earrings

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Fun Statement Necklace

YB Green Upcycled Glass Statement Necklace is a one of a kind smooth upcycled glass necklace. This necklace is upcycled from glass I collect from the 9th Ward of New Orleans. Learn More.»
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